The Definitive Guide to Undergraduate Recruiting

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2. Be smarter with your social media strategy

Nearly 50% of online students surveyed did some of their school research on their mobile device—and Facebook was the most popular app used at 21%, according to the 2016 Online College Students report.  Your social media strategy should engage users with a multi-media strategy (including videos, photos, and infographics) that tells your prospective student why they should enroll at your institution. Once you have established a strong social media presence, you can use some of these social media tactics to enhance your results:

  • Ask prospective students to submit their email address for access to exclusive content
  • Feature school and program news, as well as key application deadlines  
  • Link back to your school website and to other reputation-building review sites like Yelp or Amazon

 The New School in New York City created a series of recruiting videos on YouTube with students discussing more unique topics like the school’s dating scene and the ins and out of city life. Short, uncensored, and perfect for posting to social media!

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3. Leverage your university network

Determine the key influencers in your university network (faculty, admissions officers, current students, and alumni) and use them to act as ambassadors for your school both on online and on-campus. A study by World Education News & Reviews found that 42% of students named a university’s network as the most influential factor when it came to deciding where to apply.

 How can your school get on board? Here are some tips:

  • Design alumni short films/viral videos either as success stories or highlighting why alumni attended your school.
  • Ask faculty and undergrad to host podcasts answering common questions about programs.
  • Host career engagements events with alumni, faculty, students and prospects. Unigo Live allows you to host digital recruitment events so that you can eliminate the time and cost of traveling.
  • Create alumni groups on Facebook and LinkedIn so prospective students can connect with graduates in their fields of interest.

MIT regularly features student, staff and alumni blogs on its website to build credibility—and relatability—with prospective students. Ohio Wesleyan University uses live video chats to connect potential students (and their parents) with admissions officers, financial aid advisors, and current students.

The Definitive Guide to Undergraduate Recruiting

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