The Definitive Guide to Undergraduate Recruiting

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4. Talk careers, speed-to-completion, and financial aid

As we mentioned above, students really want to know how earning a degree from your school will help them start—or further—their careers. A study by UCLA found that 87.9% of freshman said that getting a job was the top reason that they were attending college. Not only that, students are looking to complete their degree and enter the workforce quickly, so your messaging should speak to how your programs can help them achieve those goals. Finally, it’s important to put financial aid info front and center on your website—and make it accessible in many forms such as articles, videos, brochures, and infographics.

Find Your Niche: Getting a job isn’t the only thing students care about. Green living and environmental technology is a big deal these days, and colleges have gotten on board, attracting students with green facilities, cafeterias, and even educational offerings.


5. Make the most of your search lists

If your school is purchasing lists, there are three things you need to be doing when marketing to these leads: IP targeting, geofencing, and in-feed social media ads. Here’s why:

  • With IP targeting, you can match a prospective student’s home address with their IP address to send timely, personalized digital advertising to everyone in the household (including mom and dad!).
  • Geofencing—or mobile location-based targeting—allows you to target and reach students from top feeder high schools with specific calls-to-action. While you’re at it, consider using text message marketing to communicate with them their way.
  • Match the email addresses from your search lists to Facebook and Instagram accounts and deliver customized in-feed advertisements. You can invite them to open houses, encourage them to visit your website, or connect with an enrollment counselor right from Facebook.

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6. Generate interest with promotions

If you want to target millennials– and make sure they take notice – then they need to know your message is worth their time. That’s why enticing them with promotions is key. There are a variety of different ways to go about this, but here are some recent examples of out-of-the-box promotions that schools are using to attract new students:

  • Freebies: The Illinois Institute of Technology was right on the mark when it announced it was giving free Apple iPads to all incoming undergraduate freshman.

  • Groupon Promotions: National Louis University was the first school to offer a daily deal promotion on Groupon, a three-credit hour intro to teaching course.

  • Facebook Contest: Misericordia University offered gift certificates to its bookstores as prizes to prospects and incoming freshman who replaced their Facebook profile pictures with the university logo. 

  • QR Codes: Hamilton College created a giant QR Code (or barcode) poster that was scanned by potential students and generated 1,200 visits to a customized welcome page for fall admissions. 

The Definitive Guide to Undergraduate Recruiting

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