The Definitive Guide to Undergraduate Recruiting

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7. Reach out to international students

Did you know that during the 2015/16 school year, over 1 million international students enrolled in U.S. colleges and universities? According to the “Open Doors®report from the Institute of International Education (IEE), this marks the tenth consecutive year of And these numbers will likely only increase along with the global demand for an educated workforce, presenting valuable opportunities for American schools. But what are the potential benefits to you?

  • Cultivating a more diverse student population
  • Bringing on higher performing students
  • Building your school’s brand/reputation
  • Gaining possible revenue increases through full or out-of-state tuition payments

In terms of recruiting strategies, think creating—or maintaining—a strong presence at international conferences and job fairs; offering substantial financial packages to international students; and creating social media campaigns targeting  prospects overseas.

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8. Don’t completely abandon traditional recruiting methods

A 2013 poll of admissions officers by Noel-Levitz found the most effective marketing strategies for universities involved direct interaction with prospective students through events like open houses or high school visits.Surprised to hear it? The reality is that the need to meet with prospects in-person is not going away anytime soon. (Interestingly, other traditional recruiting methods, including radio ads, asking current students or alumni for referrals, and online college fairs, were reported as the least effective methods.) Finally, although print communications can be more expensive than digital efforts, there are actually potential students out there who want to read through printed materials on their own time. So if you take that route, make it worth your while by reserving direct mail for your higher quality prospects.

Stanford University is careful to highlight one of its best features in its recruiting mailers: the value of earning a degree from the school. They do so by including statistics as a reinforcer.

The Definitive Guide to Undergraduate Recruiting

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