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5 Strategies to Get Marketing and Enrollment on the Same Team

It’s a story all too familiar in higher education, marketing and enrollment each independently pursuing their goals with a tunnel vision that prevents them from seeing how their activities interconnect.   When it comes to the recruitment of students, marketing and enrollment teams must not only work together but also maintain complementary goals. And, though, this is…

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Four Emerging Trends in Adult Higher Education

With the president’s 2020 challenge and recent research estimates indicating that by 2018 U.S. employers will require 22 million additional workers with degrees, more Americans are – and will be – heading back to school. After more than 30 years of higher education market research and hundreds of studies for colleges and universities throughout the country, I’ve begun to…

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Structured Snippets: Stand Out from the Competition

As marketers in higher education, we’re always looking for new ways to stand out from the competition. Thankfully, a new set of ad extensions from Google AdWords known as structured snippets can help you do just that. But before I get into exactly what structured snippets are and how to use them, allow me to briefly talk about…

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[Infographic] Unigo + EducationDynamics

In preparation for NACAC 2016, we’ve put together a helpful infographic to visualize how Unigo + EducationDynamics will help you achieve your enrollment goals. Visit booth 515 for a live demo. Schedule a demo at NACAC 2016.

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How to Connect with Prospective Students: Four Simple Ways

In the highly competitive world of student prospecting, everyone is looking for an edge―but one of the simplest things you can do is to simply understand what prospective students want, need and expect, and align your actions accordingly. Here are four strategies, taken from our popular Enrollment Marketing Management eBook, colleges and universities can employ to…

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Graduate Student Marketing Today: Things Have Changed

The formal inquiry process is dead. Gone are the days of graduate schools “wooing” students over time through mailed information packets and phone calls. Often, the first time a college or university has contact with potential graduate students is after students have completed their applications. In fact, many schools I work with joke that they…

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Online Learning Doesn’t Mean Distance Learning

Online learning has become the fastest growing avenue for acquiring a degree, with 2.65 million students studying exclusively online in 2013, and a projected 5 million by 2020. The increase in students pursuing degree programs online is a factor of both technological advancements, such as high-speed internet and low-cost data storage, alongside widespread acceptance that online…

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Higher Education Marketing Analytics

Sandesh Sadalge: This is the full transcription from the Higher Education Marketing Analytics presentation I gave at CALEM 2016. To watch the video click here.  So, there are five main things we’re going to go over in this presentation: 1. Introduction. Tell you who I am. Answer the question what is data analytics. I promise you,…

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